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I am compiling a catalogue raisonne of ALL Brangwyn’s work, including architecture and interiors; bookplates; book illustrations; ceramics; drawings, watercolours and sketches; fans and jewellery; furniture; glass and stained glass; murals; oils; prints and posters; Stations of the Cross; street decorations; tapestries and carpets; and WW1 propaganda work.

To produce as accurate a catalogue as possible I need to gain information on works in private collections.

If you own a carpet, tapestry, item of furniture, an original oil, watercolour, drawing, photograph, sketch or scribble, however small or insignificant it may seem, and are willing to help, please send me an email. I will then send you a pro-forma of the details required and/or arrange a visit. Any correspondence from or addressed to Brangwyn or relating to his character or work would also be most useful, as would photographs of the artist.

All information provided will be kept in the strictest confidence. If collectors wish to remain anonymous, entries in the catalogues will be listed as ‘Private Collection’.

The first instalment of the Catalogue Raisonne will be published in 2009 - FRANK BRANGWYN: STAINED GLASS. This will be in the form of a DVD with films of the windows and interviews with experts.

The catalogue is arranged by disciplines represented by a letter.  The following is a list of the catalogues and the number of entries entered as of  7 January 2009.  Studies, including photographs, are entered under the final work, so the total number of items processed is in fact greater than the number listed below.

Architecture/Interior Design - A (39)

Books Illustrated by Brangwyn - B (165)

Ceramics - C (45)

Drawings/Watercolours/Sketches - Works on paper - D (1520)

Etchings - E (509)

Furniture/Smaller Furnishing Items - F (253)

Glass/Stained Glass - G (29)

Fans/Jewellery - J (9)

Murals - M (39)

Oils - O (969)

Posters/Lithographs - P (201)

Street Decorations/Galas/Theatre - R (20)

Stations of the Cross - S (71)

Tapestries/Carpets - T (17)

Woodcuts - V (315)

War Effort - W (87)

Bookplates - X (137)

Portraits of FB by others - Z (46)

Woodcuts by Urushibara/Webb/Moore etc from FB drawings - Q (109)

Works by William Curtis Brangwyn- Y

In 1953 Clifford Musgrave, Director of the Brighton Art Gallery and Museum, estimated that Brangwyn had produced more than 12,000 works.  I've recorded 4,534 to date plus many hundreds of studies - so, still some way to go!  Keeps me out of mischief.